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Innovation, teamwork and vision. These are the things that describe ColorWoodLatvia, a manufacturer of wooden promotional furniture.

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Local manufacturers are needed on a large scale to maintain the Latvian spirit and promote our country. ColorWood Latvia is certainly an example of a producer that stands out in its niche for originality, quality and values.

ColorWood Latvia is a wooden promotional furniture manufacturer that creates :

  • wooden stands and displays for trade promotion;
  • wooden boxes for home and business;
  • custom woodwork such as decor and props.

During its years of existence, the company has built up a large portfolio, working with top local and international brands in Europe. These include a variety of shops, grain processing plants, hotels and alcohol companies.

Some of the partners are Cēsu Alus, Merrild, Jameson, Guinness, Radisson Blue, Valdo, Estrella.

colorwood latvia brands

Company’s vision

In building these relationships with major clients, the company sticks to its vision.

“We want the use of wood in our households to continue – to use wood more than synthetic materials wherever possible.”

Unlike other furniture manufacturers, ColorWood Latvia is committed to the responsible use of resources and environmental friendliness.

To make wishes and ideas come true, ColorWood Latvia follows a number of guidelines in the production process, such as:

  • wood is sourced in an environmentally friendly way and the raw materials used in the production come from well-managed forests;
  • the customer’s needs are precisely identified, product information is obtained so as not to offer unnecessary solutions, waste too much material on products where thinner material is sufficient and heavyweight strength is not required;
  • water-based, health and environmentally-friendly paint is used for wood painting;
  • the production uses veneer offcuts purchased from other factories;
  • ColorWood Latvia processes the scraps themselves, creating zero waste products – Advent wreaths from small scraps of boards;
  • the end result is only shavings left over, which are given to horse breeders who use them as bedding in their stables;
  • cardboard scraps are bought from printers.

Products of ColorWood Latvia

To help jobs move faster, ColorWood Latvia have also prepared their own stand variations, which the customer can later personalize to their needs.

The company has dozens of different products. We have highlighted some of the most popular options and trade stands to choose from.

Ladder type 4 shelf stand

Ladder type 4 shelf stand

The first option is this multi-purpose compact folding stand, where the product will be clearly visible thanks to the ergonomic shelf layout. The 4-shelf ladder stand is one of the most popular models used in retail outlets.

Of course, it is possible to negotiate the modification and adaptation of the different parts to the customer’s needs. For example, things like the colour of the shelves and the logo can be changed quite safely.

Wooden box floor stand

Wooden box floor stand

The next one is a practical and at the same time attractive wooden box floor stand. It is an easy-to-install stand consisting of large wooden boxes.

When transporting them, the boxes are placed inside each other, which helps to save space in the warehouse. The two-box stand is lightweight and the lowest cost in the wooden floor stand category.

Wine stand of 6 boxes

Wine stand of 6 boxes

ColorWood also offers this option. A spacious wine, beverage, fruit, beverages and bakery products stand made of 6 wooden crates placed at an angle. Thanks to the slanted position, the products will be easily visible to the buyer and the stand will even help to sell the product.

This type of stand can also be personalised. As you can see in the picture, the top of the stand can be engraved with some text according to the needs of the brand.

Wooden table stands

Wooden table stands colorwood latvia

The company almost never runs out of table stand variations. The main basic value they hold on to is to offer the most environmentally friendly options possible. That is why ColorWood Latvia offer is dominated by straight wooden table stands.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Exclusive wooden stands in eco material;
  • Wooden tableware stands for hotels and restaurants;
  • Table stands for food merchandising and branding;
  • Table info holders made of wood;
  • Book display for bookstores and shops;
  • Folding table display with hooks;
  • Wooden and metal table display with 3 wooden trays.

All these options can be viewed on the ColorWood website.

Home furniture

ColorWood Latvia has made sure that wooden crates can be used to make any kind of advertising stand, but the stylish wooden crate furniture for the home is not to be overlooked either.

With wooden crates, you can create really stylish and practical home furnishing solutions. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting options.

Wooden crate shelving installation

Shelving installation

Wooden crates can be used to create an interesting and completely original shelving installation that can be used as wall decor. Alternatively, it can be used as a traditional shelving installation for storing belongings.

Wooden crate shelving will be sturdy, but of course should not be overloaded with heavy items. This can also be a cool way to furnish public spaces such as a café or bar. And at a very affordable price.

Wooden crate coffee table

Wooden crate coffee table

Another interesting idea is a stylish folding coffee table made of 4 wooden crates and 4 sitting boxes. The table can be compactly assembled by placing the boxes inside each other. This saves space in the apartment, as the boxes can be freely taken out when they are needed and put in when they are no longer needed.

The wooden box coffee table is made of eco material. It is currently available in 2 materials – softwood and alder. The tables can be painted in different colours and personalised with a logo print or by burning the logo into the wood.

ColorWood Latvia social works

ColorWood Latvia social works
Photo: from ColorWood Latvia FB profile

ColorwoodLatvia is not just a sales company, but also organises events to educate the public about how practical wooden boxes are in the home. One of the company’s goals is to continue to be socially responsible and care for the environment around us.

Last year, the company organised an open day at the ColorwoodLatvia production site, where families and children could make thrush cages that met ECO standards. In this way, the company is trying to help restore the region’s fauna.

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