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In this article, we will find out more about what the Efectio platform is and why it can improve the motivation of employees.

Efectio platform

Every modern company runs its work with technologically developed assistants – gadgets, servers and softwares that make everyday life easier. The Efectio platform is also a great help for companies that want to simplify their daily work and manage many work processes on a digital platform.

The organization of everyday life that we have already mentioned is an important aspect of company culture. In order to make employees more productive and motivated in general, it is necessary to clarify the internal company culture in areas such as work management and planning, internal communication, the reward system, etc.

In this article, we will find out more about what the Efectio platform is and why such a tool can significantly improve the motivation of employees and managers in the workplace.

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Efectio – digital solutions to boost company culture

Efectio is a digital platform for businesses of all sizes. It helps companies to understand and improve their work culture. One of the slogans on Efectio is – Happy employees are the key to a successful company. Efectio puts a strong emphasis on how companies can motivate their employees.

Efectio’s main goal is to provide companies with simple solutions to everyday organizational issues – such as employee motivation.

Efectio offers the following services:

  • Employee Experience – helps to reduce employee turnover and boost productivity with their deep data analytics.
  • Employee Skill Development – helps to provide your employees an interactive microlearning experience.
  • Employee Data Analytics – Efectio score shows how engaged an employee is in each individual aspect and then shows an overall engagement score.
  • Employee Retention Tool – helps to create an inclusive and rewarding workplace that your employees love and cherish.
  • Employee Benefits – employees can earn points by completing different challenges and tasks to earn points. 

Efectio has partnered with major brands in Latvia such as Bite, Latvenergo, Accenture and others.

efectio company employees

Mission to offer an innovative solution

Every company has its own goals, vision and mission. Developing an organization’s mission statement requires a deep understanding of what the company hopes to achieve and why. Typically, a company’s mission statement is short in format – concise and to the point. And although its format is short, an effective mission statement can tell a lot about the values and ambitions of the company, both inside and outside the organization.

Efectio’s mission is to offer its customers an innovative tool that helps organizations to simplify their processes based on data and science. 

Efectio wants to help employees engage with company culture, realize and fulfill their potential, and organizations succeed through productive and happy employees. Efectio believes that employee engagement is an important part of an organization’s culture. 

Hence, the Efectio platform motivates employees:

  • to get important information about their company, 
  • set better goals, 
  • keep track of team achievements,
  • get to know their colleagues better,
  • foster individual commitment to the organization,
  • contribute to overall productivity.

Gamification is a tool that was used to build the Efectio platform. In this context, gamification means the use of gamified elements in Efectio, the digital platform for business management.  Gamification turns content (which might otherwise seem boring) into something interactive and fun. 

For example, Efectio uses a reward system to help measure employee achievements and encourage further progress. This makes it possible to accumulate points for work and achievements. The points system results in gifts, which in Efectio’s case can be a cash reward, a gift, a trip or, for example, insurance.

Gamification stimulates our natural desire for reward by encouraging the brain to release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin. Simply put, it greatly enhances positive feelings.

efectio platform

Efectio’s Corporate Four: Values

Just as every organization or company has goals and missions, it also has values. This is a big part of an organization’s culture, as nowadays employees often consider the culture of a particular company before sending out their job application. If their values are aligned with those of the company, the collaboration is likely to be successful.

An organization’s values influence every aspect of how it operates – how it does business, how it makes decisions, how it treats its employees and customers. Simply put, organizational values are the guidelines that provide purpose and direction for an organization. Efectio divides its values into 4 blocks.

They reflect Efectio’s approach to employee engagement and overall well-being. Happy employees – successful company. Here are some of the ways Efectio achieves this.

1. Teamwork

One of Efectio’s core values is teamwork. The aim is to create a friendly and supportive, inclusive working environment.

Efectio believes that it is impossible to work together if we do not know our colleagues well enough. That’s why Efectio challenges allow employees to get to know colleagues from different perspectives, share opinions, achievements and support each other every day.

A huge part of teamwork is workplace communication, therefore an internal communication source is always a must have.

2. Energy

The next priority for the Efectio team and the platform they have created is energy. It is important to prioritize the wellbeing and energy levels of employees. After all, this is what influences employee motivation. Easier said than done – there are different ways to measure energy. 

With Efectio, employers can measure employees’ physical activity, find out their mood and stress levels, and make it easier for everyone to improve their wellbeing. The options are varied and each team leader can choose the most appropriate one.

efectio platform

3. Innovation

It is important for Efectio platform to take on challenges that promote knowledge and development. Motivated employees have an interest in learning more – thus improving themselves and their contribution to the team.

Efectio is based on a micro-learning model. This means that the platform allows companies to integrate any learning material so that employees can learn in just 10 minutes a day, at a time and place that suits them. They can also put their knowledge into practice.

4. Fun

And finally, there is fun, because without it, you cannot have a successful and goal-oriented company. Happy employees make a successful company. This can be measured on the Efectio platform with the engagement indicator.

Employee engagement programmes revitalize the company culture and bring positive emotions into every employee’s daily life. This is ensured by a sort of gamification: friendly competitive spirit, point scoring and, of course, rewards.

Fostering your organization’s cultural environment and engaging your employees is key. The Efectio platform is one way to simplify such daily processes. As a result, it’s easier to keep track of everything and take care of your employees’ wellbeing within the company.

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