This blog is made up of different people with one thing in common – to write and produce interesting blog posts that provide value to readers.

We are interested in learning more about different working environments, getting insights into the daily life of professions and work challenges through interviews. We are also happy to pass this information on in this blog.

If you’d also like to join our team of content creators and gain experience in blogging, we’re open. We are also open to content produced by various companies who want to share valuable thoughts and suggestions.

We can be contacted at [email protected].

Publicity on the blog

We are also open to various offers. We support a wide range of young businesses that we can write about. Everyone needs publicity, especially for companies interested in raising the profile of their business and making their website more findable.

Here are the topics we are ready to write about on our blog.

Business idea stories

We love writing about people and their ideas that have turned into successful businesses. We love writing about people and their ideas that have turned into successful businesses. Many people like business ideas with real people behind them, with real motivation and determination. Stories like these inspire not only us, but others too. We collect such articles in the STORIES category.

Sharing experiences and recommendations

Various topics on professional and personal development. Real tips and advice that can help others to develop, succeed, get a better job or just be happier. Such content will be useful to our blog readers and will also raise the visibility of guest authors if it involves, for example, lectures, consultations or other types of development promotion. We collect such articles in the DEVELOPMENT section.

Working environment of enterprises

For larger companies, we also offer the opportunity to write about yourself – your company values, your HR policy or a specific employee development success story. We believe it can help you find a good employee who might need this information to make a decision about where to work. We collect such articles in the WORK section.

Professional development

Opportunities to learn about current professions, labour market trends and other topical issues related to education and skills development. Articles that provide some value for finding useful information for your professional development. We collect such articles in the EDUCATION section.

Advertorials and SEO articles

As we said, the key for us is to create useful content. But it can also be designed with a light promotional feel or with the desire to improve your website’s SEO ranking. We are open to including links to the authors’ websites in the articles, but we are not ready to turn this blog into an SEO article portal.

We are ready to consider every wish and initiative. Here are some rules to consider before contacting us:

  1. The content must be original and have a specific added value. One that will be useful to its readers and will allow them to gain valuable knowledge on the topic of the article.
  2. We like real and human content with pictures and personal comments. The content offered must be of high quality, both in terms of content and grammar. Of course, we can also help in this regard.
  3. If you want to include specific links to your website in the article, this must be agreed.
  4. We don’t write about topics that we don’t think are ethical or socially disruptive. It’s about gambling and lending platforms and other topics that could fall into this category.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in contributing content together.