Gift for a Freelancer

If you want to please a free lancer, read this article. In this article you will find various gift ideas for the creative and modern freelancer, useful for his work and everyday life.

The special features of Freelancer allow it to work from anywhere in the world and set its own working hours.

A Freelancer needs a comfortable place to work at home. As well as various professional gadgets and electrical appliances.

Most people who do freelance work are creative and motivated. Colourful and interesting gifts will also suit this type of person.

In this article, we’ve gathered ideas on what makes a great gift for a Freelancer.



The special characteristics of a Freelancer’s job include defining and planning their working time.

Without scheduling and time management, a freelancer can fall into the trap where work merges with being at home.

Planners come in a variety of shapes, the most common of which have striped pages and dates. It is essential to buy a planner with an extra page for each week where you can easily write comments.

That’s why a planner is the perfect gift to help you organise and plan your time.

Personalised notebook


If the freelancer is creative, a small notebook to write down his ideas will be useful.

It’s easy to carry around, put in your bag or even in your jacket pocket. You can also order a personalised notebook, printed with anything that the recipient will find interesting.

The most popular type of notebook is blank pages or pages with dots. Blank page notebooks are ideal for people who sketch a drawing every now and then. Such a planner would be useful for an artistic freelancer.


As a freelancer can work from anywhere, a comfortable and stylish computer room will be useful.

For a Freelancer who tends to carry a laptop around with them on a daily basis, a handy computer bag could be the perfect festive gift.

Please note that computer bags come in different sizes. It is important to find out how big the computer is for the recipient.


floodlight lamp

The freelancer may be creating video content or taking different pictures with their phone. The Spotlight lamp, where you can insert your mobile phone, is ideal for this.

And working at home requires good lighting. Luckily, spotlights are quite cheap and varied, so it’s easy to choose the perfect one for your freelancer.

The most current lamps of this type are produced with three colours – blue, white and yellow. The yellow effect should be switched off simply when doing computer work, as yellow light is less damaging to vision. The blue light is recommended when the phone is in the lamp and you need to take a picture of an item.

Cooling tray for computer

cooling tray for computer

As freelancers mostly work at home from their personal laptops, it is essential to think about a device that cools the computer.

To avoid overheating, the laptop should be placed on a cooling pad. This will help your computer’s performance.

A cooling pad not only makes your job easier, but also extends the life of your PC.

The most popular laptop cooling pads 2022. In :
1. CP575
2. CP-12
3. Airblade 600 Blue

Video camera for computer

Video camera

Although many laptops have built-in video cameras, an additional video camera is definitely useful. The Freelancers do most of their work from home, video calls with clients and mergers are their daily routine.

In the same way, a professional video camera is useful for someone who streams and works on platforms like Twitch and Instagram.

Many computers don’t have cameras of this quality, so any freelancer will appreciate this kind of gift.

The most popular video camera brands are Panasonic, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

If the freelancer doesn’t already have such a gift, he will be very grateful for a new music box.

The Bluetooth tubes come in different sizes and will fit in any home. It’s also ideal for outings, as this type of speaker is very compact and lightweight.

As the Freelancer spends a lot of time at home, they could do with some relaxing or upbeat music in the background. That’s why a wireless bluetooth speaker could be the perfect gift for the birthday boy or girl.

Here’s an article summarising a number of bluetooth speakers – the TOP 5 most popular wireless speakers.

Coffee warming tray

It’s common to make a coffee, sit down at your desk and forget about coffee. That’s why a heated coffee tray is a very handy and cool gift to keep your coffee cool.

This is a very original gift that will pleasantly surprise the recipient.
The coffee warmer is also easy to connect to your computer, as it has a universal USB cable.

Wireless phone charger

Wireless phone charger

An interesting and useful gift is a wireless phone charger. It’s useful for anyone who uses the phone a lot.

Perhaps the recipient of the gift is fed up with the many wires and a cordless charger would be just in time.

Cordless phone chargers are also an interesting addition to interiors, as their models are often designed in exotic colours.

Computer mouse and mouse tray

Computer mouse and mouse tray

A good computer mouse and mouse pad is the ideal gift for someone who spends a lot of time on the computer.

There is a huge range of computer mice, so it is important to choose the most comfortable mouse for the groom. You should consider whether the recipient of the gift needs a wired computer mouse or a Bluetooth computer mouse.

Additional screen

Anyone working from home will agree that an extra screen makes life easier.

People who carry laptops with them often choose those with small screens. However, a 13-inch screen might be too small for home working. Therefore, the choice of an additional screen is the ideal solution in this situation.

Perhaps your friend, a freelancer, has recently started working from home and could really use a large screen right now.

We hope this article has helped you find ideas for the perfect gift. For how many students work in freelance, read what to give a modern student.

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