Original gifts for men that bring joy

This list of gifts brings together original gifts for men that will allow them to enjoy the moment and think of nothing else.

Original gifts for men

It’s even more fun to give your loved ones not only practical but also exciting adventure gifts. That’s why recently we’ve been looking for original gifts for men that will be more interesting than a new t-shirt or a set of beard grooming products.

According to our breakdown, original gifts are those that allow you to live in the moment – to enjoy an exciting activity and create unforgettable memories. These are most often gifts of active indulgence, but original gifts for a man can also be something more relaxed.

So this list of gifts brings together original gifts for men that will allow them to enjoy the moment and think of nothing else.

Beer tasting

beer tasting gift men

A good gift idea to get away from the everyday rush is a beer tasting. This is a chance to go to one of the local breweries and go on an exciting excursion. Often, we overlook these opportunities because they are seen as tourist activities. And yet it will be very worthwhile and, above all, interesting.

Giving a man this indulgence will give him the opportunity to taste different types of beer with matching snacks. Alternatively, for those who do not drink beer, a wine tasting at a winery may be an option.

Golf lesson

golf lesson gift

If the recipient is a keen golfer or has just started playing golf, a golf lesson with a professional can help improve their game and provide a fun experience. It’s a fun way to pass the time and a good way to exercise.

In addition, golf is an activity that is enjoyed outdoors. It is a good reason to spend the day outdoors, in the open air, away from large crowds. Men can learn new skills and have a good time with people who know the sport.

Cooking masterclass

cooking class for man

Another gift for a man is a cooking masterclass. If your birthday boy is interested in cooking, he will love the opportunity to go on a culinary adventure. Taking part in masterclasses is a good way to clear your head and meet new people.

Not to mention a chance to brush up on your cooking skills, learn a new recipe and have a tasty meal afterwards. And in the company of like-minded people. For a sociable man, this would be a very cool gift!

Concert tickets

Original gifts for men

Attending events is another way to please a man with an original gift. For example, concert tickets are a good way to delight and surprise the birthday boy with a performance by a popular band. If a man has a celebration coming up right around the summer season, then the possibilities are especially plentiful – concerts and festivals are very common.

Who doesn’t like going to concerts? If your boyfriend has long stopped enjoying large crowds and loud music, you can always opt for tickets to a classical concert. 

A hot air balloon ride

Original gifts for men

A gift that will appeal to the fly dreamer is a hot air balloon ride. It is an incredible experience that will allow you to fly several hundred meters up into the blue sky. The destination is also unpredictable, as everything depends on the direction of the wind. All in all, an exciting way to see nature from above and feel like a flying bird.

This gift is quite expensive, so it is best suited for big celebrations – graduations, round birthdays, etc. The flights are also in small groups, so you will be able to enjoy this adventure with people you have never met. Chat and catch up with each other.

An escape room or quest

fromme.lv escape room

A gift to enjoy with other people is an escape room or a quest. It’s a game to try in a group of 4-6 people. You can choose a room by theme, often by genre – adventure, mystery, thriller, comedy, etc.

Then, within one hour, you can sneak out of the room. You have to follow various clues, look at everything in the room. Almost every object has a hidden meaning that you have to pay attention to. That’s why a gift card for a quest is a cool gift that will make a great day for a man and his friends.

This and some other gifts mentioned in this article are offered by Gift card center FromMe.lv. They have many adventure gifts in their offer that would serve as fun, original gifts for men. 

Bungee jumping

bungee jumping gift

And for the more extreme man, bungee jumping is an original gift. It’s an activity that’s on many people’s to-do list. It’s a choice that’s scary and brave enough to be proud of yourself afterwards. It is, however, a powerful choice to fearlessly bungee jump and enjoy the free fall. 

We all have a fearless person in our circle of friends who likes to take risks and enjoy life 100 percent! If your birthday boy fits this description, think no more. Surprise him with an adventure he’ll undoubtedly remember for the rest of his life!

Museum subscription

museum tickets for man

A museum subscription can be an original gift for a man for several reasons. Firstly, it gives the recipient access to various exhibits and events throughout the year. This means that he will be able to visit the museum several times, which can help him to get to know the different exhibitions and the museum better.

Secondly, a museum subscription can also be a great way for the beneficiary to learn about a particular topic or area of interest. Many museums have exhibits and programmes dedicated to specific topics and a subscription can give the beneficiary regular access to these resources. A cool and useful gift idea!

Sports game tickets

sports game tickets

A visit to a sports game can be an exciting gift for a man during the festive season. It will give him an exciting and memorable experience that he is likely to remember for a long time. Whether it is a professional football, basketball or hockey game, attending a sporting event in person can be a very cool activity.

A sporting event can also be a great way for the recipient to bond with friends or family members. Attending a game together can create a shared experience that can help strengthen relationships and create lasting memories. Everyone’s a winner!

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These are our original gifts for men that will allow him to live in the moment!

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