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In this article, we’ll explore the direction that FromMe and its team are heading towards.

Finding the perfect gift has become more challenging with the increase of new products on the market. At the end of the day, it can lead to a lot of indecision, and, at times, confusion about where to look for a unique gift among the mass variety of goods and services available.

This is the story of, the gift card provider that is on a quest to solve this challenge. Check out the article for more information on how and its team are approaching this issue. 

More than 10 years of experience

FromMe gift card

Since launching its first gift card service in 2012, has grown to offer over 900 different gift cards in partnership with 300 businesses across the country. For customers, the process of purchasing gift cards is made simple, secure, and quick with the convenience of online shopping.

Going a step further, the team has thought about every process that a gift card recipient goes through – from choosing the gift card to receiving it. This process allows the company to accompany everyone on their journey in finding the perfect present.

Gifts that are appreciated

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Gift cards have an intangible value that goes beyond what meets the eye. They can be measured not only digitally and physically but also within the emotional circle. From the very beginning, gift-giving has always been about pleasing people, and this is a fundamental part of what does on a daily basis.

FromMe’s mission – Help people to find the best and most appropriate gifts’s talented team combines industry knowledge with responsive customer service, ensuring that the recipient’s desired experience becomes a reality. The possibilities are endless – a personalized approach to gift cards and the provision of printed gift cards are just some of the practices in action.

FromMe’s Vision – To become the leading gift card center in Latvia.’s goal is to make every gift card enthusiast’s holidays and experiences unforgettable. The natural ability to hear each customer’s interests and adapt wishes to reality exists as a basic driving force.  

FromMe values

gift cards stands for high-quality service and accessibility. It drives the company in developing modernized solutions to make every customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable.

Accessibility for everyone

In today’s fast-paced world, gift cards that are available in a digital format are becoming increasingly valuable. is evolving to make it easier for everyone to bring joy to their loved ones just a few clicks away.

Continuous development

Every operation that occurs is examined in a broader context. It serves as a basis for the right solution creation in a form of modernized e-gift cards that are available both for customers and partners.

Despite the growing popularity of digital trends, also promotes personalized and traditional approach enthusiasts. Each customer can select any form of gift card whether it is printed, tactile, or wrapped in a card with delicious chocolate.

Responsible customer service

Experienced gift card experts, as well as the talents of a team that can ensure that every customer’s wishes are taken into consideration –  are the key drivers behind With this vision, every customer that chooses gift card services is served with great care and a sense of responsibility, ultimately delivering a quality experience.

Variations of offers that make every experience unique. Gift Card Centre offers a variety of gift cards of different types. Gift cards are divided into 3 categories – gift cards, gift vouchers, and FromMe cards.

gift cards

1. Gift cards

If you’re someone who enjoys healthy and relaxing leisure activities, then gift cards could be the perfect choice for you. This gift card category offers options for everyone, starting from spa treatments and wellness centers to relaxation spots and popular niche stores. Thanks to a differentiated range of offers, the recipient of gift cards can choose exactly what they want.

2. Gift vouchers

The gift voucher offer is suitable for people who want to discover new adventures and challenges. Gift vouchers consist of a wide range of offers – spa treatments, hang gliding, horse riding, dinner in a restaurant – constantly expanding without limit. Gift vouchers have a fixed price which is not disclosed on the gift card. To make the gift-giving process extra unique, offers to personalize the gift voucher with a special offer.

3. FromMe card

FromMe gift cards are suitable for health, leisure, sports, and hobby enthusiasts. The FromMe Gift Card offers recreational opportunities at 50 favorite FromMe partner establishments, which include famous boutiques, beauty salons, and health facilities. This gift card is especially appreciated by people who value online shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

To ensure the long-term usability of the gift card, offers the gift card as part of several offers. FromMe gift cards can be used multiple times, with different partners, until the value of the card is used up. 

The FromMe gift card is particularly popular within the corporate environment. Both colleagues and employers appreciate business gift cards for greeting the work team. If you are particularly interested in gift ideas, check out the article about Gifts for a Freelancer.

Discover your hidden potential and learn something new with gift cards!

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