Hydro Flask company culture

Hydro Flask is one of the most popular water bottle brands in the world. Read about the culture of this successful company in this article.

Hydroflask uzņēmuma kultūra

Hydro Flask’s corporate culture is based on shared beliefs and ideals that work for nature and a green way of life. Find out more about it here.

Hydro Flask was born in 2009 in the mountains of America. Nature has always been at the forefront of their design, culture and customer relationships. The company believes that the outdoor environment is more than the places where we play. It is where future generations will continue their lives. For this reason, Hydro Flask strives to ”leave the planet better than we found it”.

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What is Hydro Flask’s vision and mission?

hydroflask work culture

The company’s mission is “let’s leave the planet better than we found it”. The company values sustainability and environmental responsibility and has taken various measures to reduce its carbon footprint. Hydro Flask also supports various environmental organisations and initiatives to green the planet.

Hydro Flask’s core values are to “deliver joy, respect trust and stand for quality”. The company operates in Bend, Oregon, America. Its products are shaped by the environment – the surrounding mountains, rivers and lakes. When Hydro Flask bottles get into people’s hands, it significantly reduces the amount of disposable bottles and waste.

What makes Hydro Flask’s company culture so good?

Fair pay and benefits

The company believes in treating its employees responsibly. They ensure that their supplier partners do the same by paying their employees at least the legal wage, as well as overtime pay. The company also makes sure that their suppliers provide the statutory benefits.

The company takes the welfare of its employees very seriously. Suppliers are required to provide a written statement for each pay period and are not allowed to withhold wages or benefits as a penalty. This ensures that employees are always taken care of.

Employees can work in peace, knowing that the company supports them. The company understands that happy employees create a happy workplace and strives to ensure that employees are happy and well cared for.

Balanced working hours

At this great company, they know that work-life balance is very important. That’s why they make sure their employees and supplier partners have humane working hours! They respect all rules and regulations on working hours and make sure that everyone has enough time to rest and recharge.

Whether you’re an employee or a supplier partner, you can count on this company to have your back when it comes to reasonable working hours. Stop working around the clock – it’s time to find the perfect work-life balance!

Protecting foreign workers

Hydro Flask is totally against human trafficking – and they make sure their supplier partners are against it too! The company believes in treating everyone equally and fairly, whether they are local workers or foreign guest workers. And you know what? It’s not just talk – they have policies in place to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and kindness.

The company also makes sure that all migrant workers understand its policies. They inform workers in the local language so that everyone knows what their rights are and what to expect. So when it comes to human trafficking, this company does not hesitate. They try to treat everyone fairly and with respect – and that is something to be proud of.

How does Hydro Flask care for the environment?

”Parks for all”

Parks for everyone

Hydro Flask is passionate about saving nature. Through its Parks for All programme, the company is committed to supporting non-profit organisations that focus on improving parks, making them more accessible and equitable for all. Since its inception in 2017, more than US$3.1 million has been donated to the programme.

Hydro Flask also uses its voice to advocate for nature and public lands. Its leadership team has participated in the ”OIA Capital Summit”, advocating for the financing and protection of outdoor resources and action on climate change. 

Removing plastic from the oceans


Hydro Flask is pleased to partner with the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting oceans, waves and beaches. Together, the two sides have achieved amazing things. In just one year, Surfrider volunteers have removed more than 170,000 pounds of plastic and other litter from beaches and bodies of water. With Hydro Flask’s support, Surfrider can continue its plastic pollution initiative and work toward cleaner and healthier oceans and coastlines.

The Tikaiabu partnership resulted in 7,600 pounds of trash being pulled from U.S. coastlines. This is just the beginning of our collective efforts to protect our planet and promote a more sustainable future. To learn more about our partnership and how we’re making a difference, check out the #RefillForGood campaign.

So at the heart of Hydro Flask’s corporate culture is a shared belief in sustainability, environmental responsibility and a passion for nature and green living.The company takes care of its employees by providing fair pay and benefits, balanced working hours and protecting foreign workers. In addition, the company cares for the environment through initiatives such as Parks for All and working with organisations such as the Surfrider Foundation to rid the oceans of plastic. By prioritising these values and initiatives, Hydro Flask has a positive impact on both its employees and the planet.

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