How to Choose Escape Room for the Perfect Gift

In this article we will guide you through the world of quests and explain how to choose one for the perfect gift.


We’ve all faced that gift-giving problem, haven’t we? Trying to strike a balance between personal, special, and memorable can be complicated. But what if there’s a gift option that offers an exhilarating blend of all these elements?

Enter the world of quests. It’s an experience that promises excitement, teamwork, and lasting memories. Gift-giving can be a quest itself, but do not worry. Let’s explore breakout rooms and the manifold ways quests can enhance everyday life.

Why choose a quest as a gift?

Quests as gifts are more than just a passing trend. They offer an experience, a memory, and an opportunity for bonding, making them ideal presents for various occasions.

The allure of unwrapping a tangible gift is undeniable. However, in a world where experiences are gaining more significance, quests emerge as the go-to gift option. Their uniqueness lies not in the temporary joy of unwrapping but in the lasting memories they craft. Let’s dive into the myriad reasons that make quests an enchanting gift choice, transcending traditional gift norms.

  • Personal Touch: Quests require teamwork, communication, and shared experiences. Gifting a quest shows that you value the bond you share with the recipient and are keen to create more memories.
  • Universal Appeal: Be it friends, family, colleagues, or partners – quests cater to a broad age group and are fit for many relationship dynamics. From fostering teamwork among coworkers to enhancing familial bonds, quests are versatile in their appeal.
  • Memorable: Unlike material gifts that might fade or break over time, the memory of a thrilling quest lasts a lifetime.

How to choose the right quest

Selecting the perfect quest isn’t about luck. It’s about knowing your recipient and considering a few pivotal factors.The landscape of quests is vast and varied, offering an array of themes and levels of complexity. It’s like entering a grand library with books of myriad genres – the key is to pick the one that resonates the most with the reader. Here, the ‘reader’ is the fortunate recipient of your gift.

But how do you choose a quest that’s a perfect fit, ensuring their experience is both thrilling and memorable? Let’s navigate this quest of selection together.

  • Know Their Taste: Like books or movies, quests come in various genres. From horror to mystery, fantasy to history-themed rooms – align the theme with the interests of the person you’re gifting.
  • Difficulty Level: If the recipient is new to breakout rooms, perhaps starting with a beginner-level room would be apt. For seasoned quest enthusiasts, challenge them with a complex room.
  • Read Reviews: Platforms often have user reviews that can offer insights into the quality and excitement level of a particular quest.
  • Location: Choose a quest that’s conveniently located for the recipient. Some quests might even offer virtual options, making them accessible from anywhere.

Where to buy and cost implications

Once you’re clear about the kind of quest to opt for, the next step is making the purchase and understanding the cost dynamics.

Where do you buy it? How much will it dent your wallet? Just as you’d research before investing in a tech gadget or a piece of jewelry, quest experiences too, require a bit of homework. Let’s demystify the buying process and understand the economics behind these captivating experiences.

  • Official Websites: Most quest rooms have official websites where you can purchase gift vouchers or book slots directly.
  • Cost Dynamics: On average, quest room experiences might cost between 20€ to 60€ per person. However, costs can vary based on location, theme, and room exclusivity. Remember, you’re not just paying for an activity; you’re investing in an experience.

Latest quest trends

Like every other form of entertainment, the quest world has its trends, offering fresh experiences and themes to keep enthusiasts hooked.

Trends shape industries, and the quest realm is no exception. The ever-evolving nature of this industry ensures that enthusiasts always have something new to look forward to, making every questing adventure unique. As we stand at the cusp of technological advancements and innovative storytelling, let’s explore what’s currently making waves in the captivating world of quests.

  • Virtual Quests: With the rise of remote connections, virtual breakout rooms have seen immense popularity. These allow participants from different locations to join in on the fun.
  • Immersive Themes: Quest rooms today are going beyond the standard lock-and-key puzzles. Immersive storylines, augmented reality elements, and even actor participation elevate the questing experience.


Embarking on a quest is like diving into a storybook, where you’re not just a passive reader but an active participant shaping the narrative. And isn’t that the kind of thrilling, unforgettable experience we all seek in a gift?

Whether for a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, a quest – especially from breakout rooms – offers not just a few hours of fun but a memory that stays etched forever. So, next time you’re on a gift hunt for that special someone, remember – the adventure of a quest awaits!

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