Fun Outdoor Team Building Ideas

In this article, we’ve gathered ideas for the variety of team building activities you can do outdoors.

outdoor team building

In every company, it’s important that employees feel like members of the same team. That’s why they organize team-building events. These events can take the form of games, competitions and various activities, the main aim of which is for everyone to have a good time together. Today, let’s look for ideas for outdoor team building activities.

Sometimes it’s good to change the environment and get out of the office. Especially when the weather outside is warm and sunny. Swapping a day in the office for fun activities and games is always nice. It will also help to engage employees and relax everyone together. Some choose to increase employee engagement and motivation with the help of gifts. That can also be done with outdoor team building.

In this article, we’ve gathered ideas for the variety of team building activities you can do outdoors. We’ve included both calmer and more active ideas in our top list.

Paintball competition or water balloon game

paintball game for employees

Another enjoyable and competitive outdoor activity for your work team could be paintball. In this game you can divide into teams, which will be particularly useful for a get-together. The players then try to hit their opponents with different coloured balls. 

You can choose to count the hits at the end of the game or play by the rules, where one hit knocks your opponent out of the game. You can decide together which rules most team members would prefer.

A good alternative could be a water balloon game. This one can simply be organized in a park, which immediately reduces costs. All you have to do is fill up a lot of water balloons, divide into two teams and gently toss the balloons back and forth. 

After each successful balloon exchange, you have to take a big step back. The winner is the one who can keep the balloon unbroken for the longest time.

Outdoor movie night

movie night outdoor team building

Movie nights are a classic idea that can be enjoyed together in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone has been to the cinema, but not everyone has enjoyed an outdoor cinema. Outdoor films are a great way to bring your employees together. Choose an interesting film that shows active events so it isn’t boring. 

You can show the movie on a white wall, screen or giant sheet by ordering a cheap projector from an online store. Employees can sit in chairs or on blankets. 

We also recommend setting up a free snack stand with treats such as popcorn, sandwiches or pies, ice creams and sweets. You could also stop the movie at certain times to play themed games and quizzes to make watching the movie more meaningful.

A quest to explore the city

street quest game

Another fun idea for an outdoor team-building activity is an orienteering-like quest around your city. Many of you must have been on a quest, also known as an escape room. However, it is much more fun to follow a story and do different tasks on a larger scale – all over the city.

A good example is the mobile game Street Quest. In it, you have to find the marked destinations by solving various puzzles. The more objects and destinations you reach, the clearer the story becomes. Overall, the process is very interesting. And it will definitely make employees work as a team!

Picnic in the fresh air

picnic outdoors

A picnic in the fresh air is another good idea – what could be better than that? Everyone knows that food tastes better in nature. Especially if your team has had a hard day before. Team-building activities can certainly be combined. In any case, a picnic is a cool choice.

Before you start organizing an event, you need to find a large open area, such as a park or nature trail picnic spot near the office. Then think about whether the picnic will take place on chairs or in the classic blanket style. Then you can also ask employees to bring their own cozy blankets and throws. 

And when it’s all ready, the most important thing to take care of is the tasty snacks. To keep employees interested during this picnic, organize games, play music and organize various office competitions.

Kayaking or canoeing

outdoor team building

Another fun activity that will allow employees to spend time outdoors is kayaking or canoeing. This is undoubtedly an activity for sporty and adventurous employees. We recommend that you warn your employees of this type of activity, as not everyone is prepared to indulge in such activities.

And yet, we think boating will be a very cool adventure. A specific route can be set for employees to follow. But you can also replace boats with water boards and find a calm lake where it will be good for beginners to practice.

Time spent on the water can be a good way for everyone to relax together in the fresh air. And if there are some challenges and games involved – even better!

A fun sports day

sports day employees

When we think of outdoor team-building activities for the whole day, we immediately think of a sports day. It’s a commonplace get-together that many companies, especially those with a large number of employees, regularly follow. It can become a fun company tradition.

A sports day can provide a wide range of activities – sports games, competitions, relay races, etc. 

For simple solutions, a game of volleyball can be chosen. All that you need to play this game is a net and a volleyball or beach ball. The game can be played outdoors, on the beach or even in the car park. The main rule is to prevent the ball from touching the ground or leaving the playing area. To win a volleyball match, you need great teamwork, which is a great goal!

In general, there are a variety of options, and we will eventually add more outdoor team building activities.

Do you have any other good ideas for team building? Let us know!

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