IBM company culture

IBM is one of the largest technology companies in the world. What makes it such a great company? Its secret is IBM company culture.

IBM company culture

IBM is a global leader in hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. They value work ethics, trust, transparency and supports a more inclusive society. In working with customers, running the business, engaging with communities, and supporting and developing our employees, IBM company culture adheres to the highest standards.

We believe that the culture is what often is behind the brand’s success. Therefore in this article we want to find out more about IBM company culture.

What makes IBM’s company culture special?

Here are the pillars of IBM company culture.

Innovative thinking

ibm innovations

Innovative thinking is a fundamental and characteristic aspect of IBM’s company culture. In more than 100 years since the company has been operating in the information technology industry, this cultural feature has remained as an important factor in the company’s development.

IBM leaders encourage their employees to think in ways that challenge the status quo and depart from conventional business practices. In this sense, the company culture encourages original and creative thinking that promotes technological progress.

For example, the corporation introduced IBM System/360, the first group of easily upgradeable computer systems for customers, especially enterprises, based on the contribution of forward-thinking employees. Such technological progress is in line with IBM’s vision and purpose.

Employee wellbeing

ibm employees

IBM has long recognized the benefits of fostering a healthy workplace culture for both staff and the business. Since its inception, it has taken care of the safety, health and well-being of its employees.

The personal well-being and adaptability of IBM employees are critical to achieving the company’s goal of creating and maintaining a healthy workforce worldwide.

Employees who are safe, healthy, mentally and physically strong tend to have higher levels of personal productivity, and those employees who detect health problems early tend to recover faster and incur fewer medical expenses.

Equality and inclusivity

inclusivity at ibm company

The company strives to create an environment that provides equal opportunities for every member of society.

IBM offers 9,000 career accelerator programs to all of its employees, including African-Americans, Latinos, Asians. IBM’s downloadable assets also proudly promote diversity and equality with their ‘Be Equal Merchandise’.

Trust and responsibility

Trust and responsibility

This cultural trait fosters trust, responsibility and respect among the company’s employees. These elements affect interactions not only among IBM employees, but also with business partners, suppliers, and other parties.

Because this approach is based on trust and respect, the company promotes high employee morale and a solid culture of business partnerships. Thus, IBM company culture supports the company’s ability to remain competitive in the face of obstacles in the information technology industry.

Focus on innovation

Focus on innovation

This aspect of corporate culture places great emphasis on responding to market demand by creating products. That is one of the company’s intensive growth strategies and competitive advantage tactics.

Focusing on innovation emphasizes quality as a critical component of success in the information technology industry to ensure that innovation is taken into account.

For example, excellent computer systems help customers in the long run with business-related problems.

Commitment to the success of every customer

successful company culture of ibm

This characteristic of the company’s culture places a strong emphasis on customer needs, which influences employee choices regarding business development.

In this regard, IBM strives to continue to offer the highest level of customer service to meet the demands of the information technology industry. This cultural trait emphasizes how critical customer relationships are to a company’s success.

IBM pros and cons

ibm pros and cons

The advantage of IBM’s corporate culture is that it inspires employees to act in unconventional ways in solving problems and overcoming obstacles.

Another benefit is that IBM’s corporate culture emphasizes individual responsibility, which improves the organization’s ability to solve problems at all levels of the enterprise. Consequently, IBM’s corporate culture encourages company expansion.

A major drawback in IBM’s corporate culture is the low support for business process flexibility. Another weakness of IBM’s organizational culture is the lack of formal support for self-monitoring and self-correction among IBM groups and departments.

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