Progress and position of dairy manufacturer ” Serene dairy”

“Serene dairy” has always had a focus on quality production, exports and more successful partnerships. In this article you will learn how this firm did it in just several years.

A local Latvian company, “Serene dairy”, was established in 2019 with the initial aim of renovating the previously existing “Sērenes dairy” and cheese factory. The dairy is located in Sērene, Jaunjelgava municipality, next to the Daugava River.

“Serene dairy” is a project that did not come out of thin air. The owner of the business, Jānis Ruskis, together with his business partner, Andris Eģītis, had been working together for 3 years. In this time, they had decided that both wanted to leave something everlasting.

“I think Serene is unimaginable without its own dairy. I am therefore pleased to have had the opportunity to purchase a dairy farm that is both technically suitable for the implementation of our ideas and allows us to make a small contribution to the revival of the dairy industry in Selonia” / J. Ruskis

Plans for future

The company’s plans have always included a focus on exports and a flexible business with responsible production, quality and financial policies. Ultimately, to produce quality products at reasonable prices.

From the moment of its launch, the company imagined that the main markets where products would be sold would be Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, as well as other countries in the Far East and the Asian region. And so it has, the plan worked. As in 2022 the company strengthened its position in the United Arab Emirates market and started marketing Akkawi cheese in Sweden and Finland. This year, the company plans to produce €2.5 million worth of products.

“Our biggest advantage is the quality products we create specifically for the export market – akkawi, kashaval, msnara cheeses. They are made using national recipes from the East and Asia, high-quality local Latvian raw materials and very precise production processes.” / J. Ruskis


“Serene dairy” is now actively producing products with a focus on exports, so products with a longer shelf life, such as :

  • Kashkaval cheese ;
  • Grill cheese ;
  • Akkawi cheese ;
  • Msnara cheese ;
  • Curd ;
  • Sour cream.

Kashkaval cheese

Kashkaval is a type of cheese that is widespread in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It is a semi-hard yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. Two types of kashkava cheeses are made : kashkaval, which contains 45% fat, and kakškaval light, which has a reduced fat content.

Kashkaval, cheese can be eaten on its own or used as an ingredient in various dishes. It is often grated and used as a topping for fried dishes or as a filling for sandwiches. In Bulgaria, kashkaval is often served as a snack with olives, bread and other small dishes. In Greece, kashkaval is usually used in a fried cheese dish, often served as an appetizer.

Overall, kashkaval is a versatile cheese that can be used in many different dishes and is a popular ingredient in many cuisines.

Grill cheese

Grill cheese is a Mediterranean-style grilling cheese. It is quite similar to the haloumi type. Halloumi cheese is a semi-hard, unripened cheese originating in Cyprus. The melting point of the cheese is high, making it suitable for grilling or frying. It is usually made from goat’s and sheep’s milk or sometimes cow’s milk and has a salty and spicy taste.

Just a few drops of oil of your choice, a slice of bread, grilled cheese and you have a wonderful snack. The best grilled cheese can certainly be found at the “Serene dairy” dairy farm, which has perfected its recipe for truly amazing cheeses.


“Serene dairy” main specialization is akkawi cheese. Akkawi is a semi-soft, white cheese popular in the Middle East. It is made from cow’s milk and has a mild, slightly salty taste. It can be used as a snack, with bread or fruit.

Cheese is usually stored in brine to preserve its freshness and flavour. To use Akkawi cheese in a recipe, it is usually soaked in water before crumbling, grating or melting to remove excess salt.

“Serene dairy” offers Akkawi in 3 different forms :

  • Akkawi in brine, in a metal tin ;
  • Akkawi in brine, in plastic can ;
  • Akkawi in brine, vacuum packed ;

Other “Sērenes dairy” products

“Serene dairy” also produces other foods and cheeses, such as :

  • Sour cream ;
  • Curd ;
  • Akkawi snacks with various spices ;
  • Msnara cheese – semi-soft unripened cheese with black cumin seeds.

“Serene dairy” products can be bought at the “Lats” shop in Sērene, the “Romantika” café in Aizkraukle, the “Kukulītis” shop in Aizkraukle and now also at the “Labumu bode” shop in Ikšķilė.

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